Welcome to Lapland

Stay a little closer to the Aurora Borealis – the magical Northern Lights!

We are delighted to present an unforgettable holiday destination in the far north of Finland. Located high above the rooftops of Saariselkä resort, on the slope of the arctic Kaunispää fell, our lodge lies right at the tree line and boasts panoramic views across the open Lapland wilderness. Even the lodge sauna comes with a view! Kaunisvilla conveniently accommodates 8+2 people in a luxurious space spanning 200m2. Skiing slopes, cross country tracks and versatile services are all available right outside the front door. 

Saariselkä is the northernmost premier ski resort in the entire Arctic. Within a 25 minute drive from the airport (30km) it offers, in addition to the multitude of outdoor activities, shops, entertainment and gourmet restaurants of various styles; all within a walking distance from Kaunisvilla. 

For those wishing to listen to the sound of silence, the UKK National Park begins just a few minutes’ walk away from Kaunisvilla. A lucky visitor may spot wildlife, including roaming reindeers, arctic hares and snow grouse, visiting our grounds. The lodge itself offers a unique opportunity to quiet down and unwind surrounded by serene Nordic nature. An atmospheric moment by the open fire after a day outdoors is mindfulness at its best. When the Aurora Borealis begin their performance in the polar night, Kaunisvilla is a premier location for observations – a bit closer to the sky and stars! Kaunisvilla is an excellent base to enjoy all the four seasons of Lapland – its winter delights, sunny springs, the autumn colours and the midnight sun at midsummer. 

Address to Kaunisvilla is Kuusitie 5, Saariselkä 

p.s. The Finnish name “Kaunisvilla” translates to “Pretty Villa”.